Update for QCRYPT 2016

ImranKhan: How about we meet after the poster session on Tuesday evening?

All the following was written for QCrypt2015 (Tokyo). It does not concern more recent events (unless updated) !

Purpose of the working group

- bringing together experimentalists and theorists working on continuous variable QKD and anybody who is interested in it

- discussing the newest achievements and challenges

- asking the experimentalist/theorist the questions that you always wanted to ask

- collecting the hot open problems related to security in CV QKD

Topics (to be completed!)

- practical security of quantum cryptography with CV systems,e.g., implementation attacks, source and detection flaws, and counter-measures

- overview about the theoretical security proofs that are available and their assumptions

- open problems

- ...

(please add the topics and questions that you want to discuss in the group!)

Ideas and Suggestions

Here is the space to put any idea or suggestion concerning this working group about, e.g., its format or anything else!)

Booking a room for live discussions

Fred Grosshans : We could Reserve a time in the room 202 for this discussions, but when ? And how long ? Note that the presentation on CV Crypto are

  • Wednesday : 11:55-12:15 | Contributed 13 | Proof-of-principle test of continuous-variable quantum key distribution in free-space atmospheric channel Vladyslav Usenko, Christian Peuntinger, Ivan Derkach, Bettina Heim, Christoph Marquardt, Radim Filip and Gerd Leuchs.
  • Thursday 16:50-17:10 | Contributed 19 | Continuous-Variable Protocols in the Noisy-Quantum-Storage Model Fabian Furrer, Christian Schaffner and Stephanie Wehner

Fabian: Yes, the booking site is open. I have made a temporary booking for Wed 9.30-11.00, but we can always change it. So, let me know what you think? Maybe it is not so optimal for the one who have to give the talk on Wednesday. Please let me know what you think.

Interested Participants

Fabian Furrer (Moderator)

Frédéric Grosshans

Quntao Zhuang(, so we meet at 9:30pm on Wed, in room 202?)

Rupesh Kumar (University of York) - absent.

Nathan Walk (University of Oxford)

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