For the first time, QCRYPT 2015 will offer you the opportunity to organize an event for your own interest group at QCRYPT! On the list below, you can book a room for your meeting which you can fill in in any way you see fit - as long as you allow everyone at QCRYPT to participate. You may also wish to create a page for your own Working Group to allow like minded participants to find each other, and link it to the meeting. The room fits 16 people.

We encourage you to actively contribute to making QCRYPT an even better event. For inspiration, you may - for example - book the room to organize a meeting discussing open problems, a session for your own special interest group, a demonstration of quantum crypto or a meeting of students at QCRYPT.

Simply mark a time on the schedule below, where we kindly ask you to respect edits made by others on this page. QCRYPT is a community event and we rely on you - the community - to make it happen!

Room 202 time schedule:

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00 N/A Security of CV Systems Relativistic Crypto
10:00 N/A Counterfactual



Security of CV Systems Relativistic Crypto
11:00 N/A
12:00 N/A
15:00 Randomness Expansion (Math) Randomness Expansion (Math)
16:00 Counterfactual


QUIZ solution

17:00 N/A Introduction to the Quantum-Safe Security Work Group N/A