Purpose of the working group[]

  • bringing together people working on relativistic cryptography and anybody who is interested in it
  • discussing the recent results and the open questions
  • asking the the experimentalist/theorist/computer scientist questions you always wanted to ask

Topics (to be completed!)[]

  • cryptographic primitives which can be done / cannot be done / would be nice to have in a relativistic set up
  • Experimentally realistic constraints for relativistic set-up
  • Where are we now with position based crypto (upper/lower bounds, security models, experiments ...)

(please add the topics and questions that you want to discuss in the group!)

Ideas and Suggestions Edit[]

Here is the space to put any idea or suggestion concerning this working group about, e.g., its format or anything else!

The room 202 has been reserved for discussions on thursday morning

QCrypt 2015 communications on the subject[]

This list was done by quickly glancing over the programme. Any improvement welcome !

Oral Presentations[]

Friday morning: Multi-Prover Commitments Against Non-Signaling Attacks, Serge Fehr and Max Fillinger

Friday morning: On the Composition of Two-Prover Commitments, and Applications to Multi-Round Relativistic Commitments, Serge Fehr and Max Fillinger

2 in 2014 (Programme : http://2014.qcrypt.net/program/)

  • [video] [slides] Practical relativistic bit commitment, by Tommaso Lunghi, Jedrzej Kaniewski, Felix Bussieres, Raphael Houlmann, Marco Tomamichel, Stephanie Wehner and Hugo Zbinden
  • [video] [slides], Quantum position verification in the random oracle model, Dominique Unruh

and 2 in 2013




  • 21. Attack strategies for position-based quantum cryptography based on the Clifford Hierarchy

Kaushik Chakraborty and Anthony Leverrier

  • 22. Relativity principles in quantum cryptography: towards proven unconditional security in practical QKD

Konstantin Kravtsov, Igor Radchenko, Sergei Kulik and Sergei Molotkov

  • 27. A Tight Lower Bound for the BB84-states Quantum-Position-Verification Protocols

Jérémy Ribeiro and Frédéric Grosshans

Interested Participants[]

  1. Frédéric Grosshans
  2. Jed Kaniewski
  3. Serge Fehr
  4. Max Fillinger
  5. Konstantin Kravtsov