The following is an example only, to give some inspiration on what the structure of your page might look like. It is your page and whereas this may be a useful guideline you are most welcome to do things differently, add much more stuff, upload pictures,....


Here goes some description on what this group is about.

For some inspiration, you could think of a group about

  • A particular topic in quantum crypto like Security of continuous variable systems
  • A student meeting group, e.g. students in quantum cryptography
  • A general open problem session
  • A meeting about one very specific scientific question you're trying to answer
  • A theater play :)

As you can see, there are no limitation or rules on these topics - however if you use the qcrypt meeting room, your meeting and group should be open to everyone. If you always thought XYZ should happen at qcrypt, here is your chance: you are qcrypt, and we highly encourage you to make creative use of the qcrypt meeting room and this wiki.

Meeting at QCRYPT[]

Information about what you may want to do at QCRYPT and when you're meeting time will be. QCRYPT will - for the first time - offer a room that you can book on a first come first serve basis. More on the QCRYPT websitecloser to the event.

If applicable, you could also make an agenda of

  • A problem you want to answer
  • Short talks that some of you may want to give there
  • A demostration that you want to show
  • .....


If you have questions to the people in this group, or things you may want to ask input for you could put that here.


If you are creating this page, this would likely include you, plus some other people. You may wish to link these names to your website so people can see your email address and get in touch with you.

As an example, I would put Stephanie Wehner

People who will join the meeting at QCRYPT[]

In principle, anyone can join, but you could use this space for people to register their interest or intent to participate - how you do handle this is up to you.

Again, it may be good to encourage people to list their name, along with an email address and website - but it's your page.

People interested[]

Before deciding to come to QCRYPT, people could register their interest here. This could be just a list of names - ie everyone adds themselves or it could be some background information, or a specific question that this person wants to contribute.

For example, I could put

Stephanie Wehner: Trying to figure out how to make such a page.